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SOUTHERN HOG CONTROL, LLC (SHC) was established in October 2009 to help reduce the feral hog population and their damage to agriculture and private property throughout the Southeastern United States.

Thermal Rifle Scope (TRS) was created and brought on-line in 2015 by SHC to provide information concerning new products and technology in night vision/thermal scopes and optics. SHC not only uses these scopes in their operations but provides this data to help assist our customers in the purchase of a thermal rifle scope.

Chris - Owner & CEO

Chris Monhof, Owner and CEO

Brian - Optic Sales & Support

Brian Monhof, Optic Sales and Support

Thermal Rifle Scope (TRS)

TRS was established in 2015 by Southern Hog Control, LLC to provide information and assistance to our customers when purchasing a thermal rifle scope.

Like all thermal imaging devices, thermal rifle scopes read thermal signatures of objects and present the user with an image showing a gradient map of those heat signatures. Most modern thermal rifle scopes feature several color palates as well as the standard black and white. Hunters use thermal scopes to find animals on the ground or game that is hiding or injured. Thermal scopes are extremely useful when hunting predators and pigs at night.

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Tactical Boar Hunting • Feral Hog Traps, Trapping and Metodology

SOUTHERN HOG CONTROL, LLC was established in October 2009 to help reduce the feral hog damage on agriculture and private property.

Our primary mission is to service private, state and federal hog removal contracts by employing the JAGER M.I.N.E.™ (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) Feral Hog Trap System. This high volume pest control technique was developed during three years of research as the most efficient method to capture entire sounder groups during winter months at baited hog trap enclosures.